Here is how you can build a LMS or Learning Management System using Python programming language and Django Framework.

First things first go to my Github repository of this project and clone this project in your computer. You can use git clone or you can download project as zip file.

Click code and copy git URL

If you want to use Git Clone you have to first download git into your computer, you can download it from here:

Also don’t forget to install python the most important thing, you can get it from here: Don’t forget to check ‘Add python to path’ while installation setup like in the below image.

And to clone the project in your computer using git you have to open CMD from start menu and type this command:

git clone

This will download your project and now you have to go inside the project folder with this other command:

cd MesoOn

Now before doing more actions in our project, its important to first create a python environment where we are going to install python modules. Run the below commands to create and activate a python environment:

1. python -m venv venv
2. windows: venvScriptsactivate or mac/linux: source venv/bin/activate

Lets go ahead now and install dependences of our project so we can run it. Install dependences with the below command on cmd:

pip install -r requirements.txt or pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Ok now is the final moment where we are going to run the Learning Management System in our local computer. Use the following command to run it:

python runserver or python3 runserver
Here is how it looks in the browser.

If you are having problems during setup process please follow this youtube video: and make sure to like and subscribe, also share this blog with your friends.