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Instagram DM bot that can send messages to the username list

Refund: 5 Days

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This is an Instagram script/bot built in python that can send messages to the list of the usernames you paste. It has a good and easy to use interface, you just have to add your accounts, edit the settings where you have to paste list of usernames, edit messages etc. Then just by clicking the start button, the bot will start automatically in the browser and send messages the the list of the people you provided.

The features of the bot are:

  1. Add multiple Instagram accounts
  2. Add specific proxy for each account
  3. Add proxy username and password if required
  4. Use multiple messages where bot will pick one randomly
  5. Paste 500k+ username list
  6. Add random time between each message.

The bot can run 24/7 in your computer also it can be installed in a windows or linux vps. By using multiple accounts and proxies it can avoid action limits and limitations of Instagram.