In this article I will show you how you can send messages automatically on Snapchat app using a script bot built in python programming language. This bot uses Pyautogui library to automate mouse and keyboard of your computer and also we are going to run Snapchat app in a emulator. All you have to do it to follow the below steps to make it working, so lets get started.

1. Install python and emulator in your computer.

Python is needed because the bot works in python programming language so we need to have it installed. You can install it from this link.

We also need to install an android emulator so we can run the Snapchat app on it, the one that I prefer is Bluestacks but you can also download any other one. After we install emulator make sure to also download Snapchat app on it and login to your account.

2. Download and setup the snapchat bot in your computer.

You can download it from my github repository, just go ahead and click on code and download as zip file, then extract it in your desktop or any other location.

Now we have to install requirements of the bot and to do that open cmd or terminal app in your computer and follow the commands below:

// Move inside the folder
cd Desktop
cd foldername 

// Install requirements windows
pip install -r requirements.txt

// Install requirements mac
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

3. Run the bot

Now that we have the bot ready we just have to run it. To run the bot first we have to open Snapchat in the android emulator, just open it up and move it in the side of screen. In the other side of screen we can run the bot in cmd or terminal. Type the following command to run the bot file:


It will ask you what message do you want to send in chats, just go ahead and paste or write the message you want to send to people and press enter.

After that it will ask again to how many chats do you want to send the message, here you have to put the number of how many you want.

Now the bot will tell you to open snapchat app in the side of you screen and place your mouse over one of the chats.

Once you do it press enter, just like the attached image below.

The bot will start automatically to chat to the list of the people on your chat.