You know in 2021 there are a ton of ways to make money online, millions of people are working online, doing online business, marketing, affiliates, dropshipping, and a lot of other methods. So why shouldn’t you do the same? Today, this article will show you the steps and methods you have to follow if you want to start doing an online business or just make some money online for yourself. I know not all of you are going to follow these steps, maybe only 10% of people reading this article will take this seriously and start following these steps and committing action to them and maybe only 2% of them will get results.

Ok, so I am going to separate this into 5 main important steps that you have to follow along. 

  1. Gain some audience.
  2. Build a website 
  3. Improve SEO
  4. Start social media
  5. Apply automation

Let’s start with the first one which is “Gain some audience”, what do I mean by gain some audience? To gain an audience basically means that you have to bring some people to you. You have to get some traffic, you have to get some eyeballs on you. For the majority of people, this is the hardest part to achieve but if you work hard it will be very easy to accomplish it. There are different ways to get the traffic and you can choose between freeways and paid ways. Paid ways are by using advertising services like Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads. All you do is to create an advertising campaign in which you are going to pay a specific amount of money so your website or your video will appear when others search. On the other hand, we have free traffic that everyone loves but it is a little harder to receive it. The best way to get free traffic is just by pushing out content to people and I think this is the only good way that can work perfectly for anyone. If you have an ability that others don’t have, all you have to do is to share it. Make sure to upload content for free, help people with their problems, give a solution to people. By doing this, it comes the moment when people start to like and follow you. You might be thinking about where to upload this content, ok I will talk about this more in the next steps but some of the best places to upload or write content are blogs, Instagram by uploading images and graphics, YouTube by uploading videos, etc. Ok these were some basics on how to get traffic or audience, I know it might look hard now but as soon as you start working with it, it will start to be easier and more fun. You are never going to get results in the first few hours after working with this step because this step is more like a long term one and it needs hard work to get results and I can say you something that how hard you will work is equal to the traffic you will get.

The second step is to build a website.

Why would you need a website for? Having a website is very important if you want to build an online business because a website can help you on getting even more people into your business and your products. Building a website is not a big deal if you have some knowledge about coding. But if you are a complete beginner you can hire someone to do it for you or you can use ready-made platforms like WordPress or Wix where you have just to choose a template and start customizing it. 

On your website, you can create a store page where you can sell products if you decide to sell your own products. There are a lot of ways you can sell the products but a page on your website would make it easier for you to handle all the sales and transactions and also easier for the buyer to purchase.

The landing page is very important in your website, the landing page is the first page that loads on your website. It is the first impression when people visit and view your website so make sure to work well with the landing page. You can choose beautiful modern style, attractive color, and eye-catching images because you want to leave the best feeling to the viewer.

I think you have seen that most of the websites on the internet has also a blog. Blog helps a lot in the website, especially when you are a good typer and you can express your knowledge more by writing. Always when you search up in google for a specific topic you are going to be redirected to a blog where you are will find the information about what you searched. So this is why a blog helps a lot to get views on your website and if a good SEO is included it can be a huge power up for your website.

Third important step is to improve SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it tells the process of optimizing a website to make it easy to find via search engines. The most popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu. In order to make your website appear more often in search results, you have to follow a few small steps. 

  1. Search engine cares a lot about page indexes so this is why it is one of the important steps on optimizing your site. Your website should have a good and easy understandable hierarchy and it would also be easier for search engines to index your pages and show them in search results.
  2. Url names should contain a quick description of what the page will represent because search engines use the URL names to show first as a search result and if you use names like “First article” or “Article number 1” they are not going to show at all. The title also is one of the things that show on top of a search result and you should follow the almost same procedure for titles too. Make sure to use tags a lot, for eg. if you are writing a blog post on your website add as many tags as you can that represent that blog. The part of the small description on a search result is played by the meta tag description. It is an HTML tag that is placed inside <head> tags on all your page’s code. It is very important because search engines use meta descriptions for the description of the result. So, make sure to put a good small description on every page of your site.
  3. Headings on your blog post play also a good role in search results so this is why you have to separate your paragraphs using headings but keep in mind not to overuse them. Every image in your site has an identifier in the code tag or else it is the alt attribute in the image tag which search engines use to collect results from your site and you have to make sure to put a specific identifier for each of your images.
  4. A sitemap is a blueprint of your website that helps search engines find, crawl, and index all of your website’s content. Sitemaps also tell search engines which pages on your site are most important. And the final thing and one of the most important ones is to upload good searchable content that can help people on solving their problems.

Start social media.

Create one or more accounts in different social media where you can share and post your content too. For some people is easier to follow you on a different social media than the one you are currently using. For eg., if you are posting content on youtube you can also build an Instagram page where you can post your videos in a shorter way or with images. Don’t overcomplicate by creating an account in all social media exist but you can create one or two in the most popular ones.

Apply automation.

Automation is an important step nowadays you have to master and use a lot. With automation, you can pretty much do a lot more things in a less period of time. You can automate the same repetitive tasks and this would give you and your clients a lot of value. On my youtube channel, I did upload a lot of software and codes about automation some of them are not working anymore but some works well, you can take a look at it if you would be interested. 

3d rendering humanoid robot working with headset and notebook

Ok guys, hopefully, you are going to understand these methods that I talked about, I know I explained them in a more general way but I think I will do a separate article for each of them in the future so stay tuned.