Do you manage multiple Telegram groups or channels and wish to streamline message forwarding? The Telegram Autoforwarder script is your solution. This Python script facilitates the forwarding of messages from one chat (group or channel) to another based on specified keywords. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on setting up and using the Telegram Autoforwarder script, along with the necessary links and resources.

Download the script here:


  • Forward messages containing specific keywords from one chat to another.
  • Works with both groups and channels.
  • Simple setup and usage.

How it Works

The script utilizes the Telethon library to interact with the Telegram API. You provide the script with your Telegram API ID, API hash, and phone number for authentication. Then, you can choose to list all chats you’re a part of and select the ones you want to use for forwarding messages. Once configured, the script continuously checks for messages in the specified source chat and forwards them to the destination chat if they contain any of the specified keywords.


You can specify one or more keywords that, if found in a message, trigger the forwarding process. Keywords are case-insensitive and can be specified during setup.

Setup and Usage

1. Clone the Repository:

git clone
cd Telegram-Autoforwarder

2. Install the Required Dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Configure the Script:

  • Open file and provide your Telegram API ID, API hash, and phone number in the appropriate variables.
  • Modify other settings as needed directly in the script.

4. Run the Script:


5. Choose an Option:

  • List Chats: View a list of all chats you’re a part of and select the ones to use for message forwarding.
  • Forward Messages: Enter the source chat ID, destination chat ID, and keywords to start forwarding messages.


  • Remember to keep your API credentials secure and do not share them publicly.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access messages in the chats you want to use.
  • Adjust the script’s behavior and settings according to your requirements.

Video Tutorial

Watch the detailed tutorial on how to set up and use the Telegram Autoforwarder script: How to auto forward or copy messages of Telegram group/channel