Here I am giving you a Telegram Python script that can send a lot of messages to all the groups that an account is already in. The script can change accounts, send messages to all the groups, switch accounts, and send again. You can add multiple accounts and you can send messages text and images.

1. Download and Setup

-Download the script from here:

-Install Python on your computer

-Open terminal and install telethon with this command:

pip install telethon


pip3 install telethon

-The message and image is set inside the folder message in the file message.txt

2. Run the script

-To run the script you have to run this command:


– This will open a mini menu where you can: add your accounts, add groups in your accounts and run the message bot.

3. Send messages to your groups

-To start the sender press option 4 in the menu and it will start to send and change accounts.

-To exit script press option 5.

If you have problem while running script follow my youtube video below:

Youtube Video