In this article today we will go through making money online doing affiliate marketing. Doing affiliate marketing is very easy but you just have to work hard and find good organic traffic. Today I will show how to do affiliate marketing using the Digistore24 platform. So let’s start and go through it:

1. Create a new account in Digistore24

To create an account on this platform is very easy, you just have to put real and legit information. Go to the official website of the platform and register for it. Fill the registration form with your real information. At the top of the form, you will see a selection of affiliates and vendors but you have to choose affiliate one. Then check the boxes and click on register. That was it, it is not needed to wait for any verification or something.

2. Choose a product you want to sell

Inside Digistore24 you can find a button that can redirect you to Marketplace. This is the place you can find all the products available for you to sell. Make sure to pick a good product that best matches your audience and that you think people are going to like and buy it.

For now, I am going to choose not a very high-priced product but one that would be good for my audience on youtube. The product is a course for building and growing a youtube channel. You can find it on the first page of the marketplace.

This product has a price of $500 and we can earn 50% commission which is $350.

3. Create a website for your product.

In the product, you can find 2 links: the sales page and the affiliate support page. You will use these 2 pages to get information to use for the website we will create. If you already have a website you can go ahead and create a new page about this product on that website. But if you don’t have a website you can go to and create one for free. Get as much information from the support page and put them on here. Use text, paragraphs, images, and buttons. Make sure to put big buttons that can get the people’s attentions. The button is important to redirect people to your affiliate link for that product. To find your affiliate link for that product just go to the product in the marketplace and click on Promote Now. It will give you a link that you have to put in buttons.

This is how my page on the website looks in the end, but you can always make it look better.

4. Start promoting your product.

Now that we have the page of the website ready we can easily promote this product. We can just use the link of our page and share it with our audience. If you have a big Instagram page you can share the link in bio or you can create an image and put that in the story. A good place to do affiliate marketing is paid ads too. You can create accounts and campaigns for advertising services like google ads or bing ads. Or you can just put your website in google search console where you can get free organic traffic.