You know Reddit works with karma which means more karma you have, you posts will go up. If they go up then you can have more people engaged in your posts and you can get more clicks in your links. In this article we will use a bot that you can run in your pc to generate free karma. Lets start:

1. Download reddit karma bot in your pc

You have to download from this github repository, just click on code and in download zip button. This will download all the files you need locally in your computer. Inside the downloaded folder you will find a file named run_windows.bat. That file can start the bot but you don’t have to run it yet because we need to setup some more things.

2. Create a new reddit app

To create an app in reddit you first need to be logged in reddit website. Then you have to go to the developer page where you can create apps. This is the link of where you can create new app: In this website you have to click on create new app and choose any name you want. In the selection you have to choose “script” otherwise it will not work. And in redirect uri field make sure to paste this ip: “” .

3. Install Visual Studio in your computer

This step is required if you want to run this bot in windows computers. You have to install windows 10 sdk so we can install it only through installing Visual Studio. Go in this link and download and install any of the versions you want of VS. During installation you have to make sure to select “C++ Build Tools” and in the right you have to check only first 3 checkboxes like in the picture below.

4. Configure credentials for the bot

Inside the bot folder you now you have to double-click run_windows.bat, then it will start to install dependences of the bot. After installing them bot will ask you for client id. You have to get client id from the app we created in reddit developer page. Client ID is the id you see below the name of the app in your reddit created app. Just copy that and paste it in the bot black screen, then press enter. After that bot will ask you for client secret. You can find client secret in again in reddit app, just copy and paste it. Bot will also ask you for your reddit account password and username. When setup is completed press any key to close the actual window.

5. Run Karma Reddit Bot in your pc

And the final command to start the bot running in your pc is again the file run_window.bat. Double click on it and bot will start to earn karma for free in your account.

If you are having troubles during these steps you can also watch my tutorial on youtube from here. Thanks for reading!