Telegram Member Bot

In this article, I am showing you how you can use 2 python bots to scrape or collect members from any telegram channel or group and add these members to your own group. Just follow the steps below and you will end up with 10k+ free members in your telegram group. Let’s get started step by step:

1. Download and Install python in your computer

You can download python 3 from Microsoft Store if you are using a Windows computer or you can download it from the official website.

Here is the website where you can download python:

While installation setup make sure to check the box of Add python to path, if you don’t check it you will not be able to use pip. Refer to the image below:

Add to Path checkbox

2. Download telegram bots from Github

You can download the bots zip file from this link (direct link):

After downloading extract the zip file of the bots on the desktop. Make sure to have a folder on the desktop like the one in the picture below:

Folder with files of the bot

3. Install requirements and set up the bots

Open the CMD app or Terminal app on your computer and navigate to the bots folder using the commands below (press enter after each command):

cd Desktop
cd Telegram-Scraper-master

To install requirements run the commands below in the same CMD window:

python -i

It will ask you if you want to unable CSV merge, press “n” and then enter because we don’t need it.

Now you have to set up the information about API to the bot. First, you have to get the API ID and API Hash from the telegram developer tool. So, go to this website: and log in with your phone number. After that, it will show you API ID and API Hash, save them somewhere and jump to the next step.

Now you have to put API Infos in the bot, but to do this you have to run this command:

python -c

After running this command it will ask you to paste the API ID, API Hash, and your phone number. The bot might ask you to put the code you receive on your phone so make sure to do that too.

Now the setup is completed and it would look like the image below:

Image after setup of the telegram scraper

4. Scrape the telegram members from other groups

To scrape or collect the members from any other group that you participate in you can use the command below:


It will ask you which group you want to scrape the members from and you just have to paste the number of the group from the list. After that all the members will be saved in a members.csv file that we will use later.

Members scraped from the first group using telegram scraper

5. Add members to your own group

To add the members we scraped and saved in the members.csv file to our own group we use the command below:

python members.csv

Then you have to choose the group that you want to add the members just by typing the number of the group from the list.

Ok, guys that was all. If you are having any problem during these steps you can follow my youtube video: