In this article, we are going through the method of how to ban someone from Instagram using a python script that will send reports to the person and ban his account. If someone is disturbing you or stalking you, this is an excellent method to ban their account.


Let’s start…

1. Download and Install python on your computer

You can download python 3 from Microsoft Store if you are using a Windows computer or you can download it from the official website.

Here is the website where you can download python:

While installation setup makes sure to check the box of Add python to the path, if you don’t check it you will not be able to use pip. Refer to the image below:

2. Download ReportBot from Github

You can download the bot zip file from this link (direct link):

After downloading extract the zip file of the bot on the desktop. Make sure to have a folder on the desktop like the one in the picture below:

Bot folder extracted on desktop with all the files inside

3. Install requirements of the bot

Open the CMD app or Terminal app on your computer and navigate to the bot folder using the commands below (press enter after each command):

cd Desktop
cd InstagramReportBot-master

To install requirements run the commands below in the same CMD window:

pip install -r requirements.txt
This is how it looks like after installation

4. Run Instagram ReportBot on your computer

Now finally to run the bot on your computer and to make it work you have to run the command below in the same cmd window as before:


After running it you will see a screen like a picture below and you have to choose the first option by pressing 1 and then entering.

Choose option 1 to start the bot

Now the bot will ask you to enter the code to unlock the tool, and the code is “subscribe”. Just enter it below and press enter like in the picture

The code is “subscribe”

Enter your Instagram username and password of the account you are going to use to send reports. You can use any account that you have:

Put your username and password

Now choose “N” because we don’t want to use proxy for the moment but if you want you can press “Y”. Then choose option 1 to report a profile, you can also report a video too. And finally, put the username of the person you want to report:

Choose option 1 to report

Finally, the bot will start the work and send reports to the profile. Every time you see a green OK message the report is sent successfully. And after sending a lot of reports their account will get banned.

Bot sending reports

Soo, this is how you can send reports automatically on Instagram using this python script. If you are having any problems during this process please follow the video that I uploaded on YouTube. –>

Thank you ❤️